Do you know the condition of your roof?

Roofs have life expectancies anywhere from five to 60 years. When you reach the point that repairs are not effective on your roof, it’s time to replace it. We also recommend replacing your roof if it has:

  • Two or more existing layers
  • Extensive wood damage beneath the roofing material from wood rot or termite activity
  • An underlayment that is extensively deteriorated

We are happy to perform a free, no-obligation consultation to determine if you need to replace your roof. There’s no reason to wonder if it’s time, we can let you know for sure.

We will provide you with a free estimate after we have had a chance to listen to what you want. You have many choices, everything from traditional composition fiberglass shingles to specialty shingles or concrete, clay tiles and the efficient cool roof. In addition to ensuring that your roof protects your home, we can also:

  • Enhance your home’s appearance by using applications in an artistic fashion
  • Provide re-insulation using a variety of materials
  • Bring your roofing system up to standard with respect to ventilation

Throughout your project, we’ll be very sensitive to the fact that you will be living in your home as we work. Re-roofing a home can be a very messy proposition, but we have systems in place that allow us to clean up as we go, so you are spared from dealing with an unsightly mess.